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Why this website?

Self-promotion probably suits very few people. But the extremely precarious working conditions under which scientists and especially women, ethnic minorities, and elderly work, especially in Germany, lead to the need to strengthen one's own external presence. My person as a cultural anthropologist becomes thus not only visible to the outside (at least as long as I can and want to pay the provider for hosting this site) but also boosts the materialization, i.e. the consolidation of my person as a cultural anthropologist among my peers and beyond. In addition, this site allows me to redistribute and reveal my findings from my research in other formats - and in a way that attracts interest from non-academics, too. Since I believe that knowledge should not remain in the ivory tower and that it should have different sensory formats, this website offers me a fruitful opportunity and a platform to reshape knowledge, to transport it and hopefully to make it resonate. In this sense I am very happy about engaged readers and inquiries of all kinds!

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