Kathrin Eitel

Culture ** City ** Environment


I am a cultural anthropologist and a feminist, fascinated by the various ways life takes in conjunction with others - be it waste, technological megaprojects, or novel ecosystems. I am particularly interested in the role of knowledge, coping strategies, and uncertainties in times of pressing climate change that can shed light on how we shape our planet now for the future.

Research Projects


Recycling Infrastructures in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

This research has unveiled a different circular economy and infrastructure model that focuses on the way waste circulates through what I call ‘infracycles’, in the light of daily urban life, postcolonial assumptions of wealth and waste and clandestine and ephemeral constellations with materials that challenge the existent capitalist system with the creation of new tropes of freedom, working autonomy and the will to survive.

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I am a passionate lecturer, regularly teaching BA and MA courses in Cultural Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies.