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Project “Radical Resilience” officially started!

Rainstorms, which can sometimes come abruptly, wildly and unprepared, suddenly change the conditions under which people navigate through cities. Motorbikes are guided differently, food stalls whose scent is lost in the heaviness of the wet are jacked up and umbrellas are unfolded. But how exactly do cities badly hit by floods, such as Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam or Phnom Penh in Cambodia, deal with them? Something the multimodal project "Radical Resilience" is investigating. It is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of the Walter Benjamin Programme - and has finally and officially started in August 2023!

So if you want to know how certain normative notions of flood resilience take root, what future scenarios are envisioned by urban citizens and what it all has to do with both historically grown inequalities, the deforestation of mangroves and satellites from space, follow the project. Best via

Instagram: RadicalResilience_

Twitter: kathrin.eitel

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